Things ​​​​​​​you Should Never Do When Bathing or Grooming a Pet?

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What are some things you should never do when bathing or grooming a pet?

One of the biggest misconceptions about pet grooming is that it is a luxury designed to make your pet look and feel good, but that most aspects of it really aren’t necessary. In fact, this is far from accurate. Experts agree that regular grooming is essential for a healthy and happy pet. Some of the key areas in which grooming is important include:


Exactly how often your pet will need to be brushed will depend on his coat type, but brushing regularly will enable you to remove loose hair, dead skin and debris from his coat and stimulate the natural production of oil to keep it healthy. Removing matted hairs is important as they can trap heat and cause your pet to become unwell. Brushing also gives you the opportunity to check for parasites like fleas and ticks.

Nail trims

Your pet’s claws are important to him for a number of reasons, including helping him to grip onto things and as a form of self-defence. However, if they aren’t trimmed they can become too long and cause damage to people, other animals and furniture. They can also become ingrown and cause skin infections and other problems.

Dental cleaning

Your pet’s oral health is as important as your own and you should be brushing his teeth regularly – daily if possible – to help keep dental disease and painful and debilitating oral problems at bay.

Many owners are happy to undertake most aspects of pet grooming themselves, and with a little care and practice, most find it fairly easy to keep their furbaby looking and feeling fantastic. However, unless you are an experienced groomer you may not be aware that there are some things that you could do that could potentially be harmful to your beloved pet.

Here is what you need to know about what you should never do when grooming your pet.

Don’t spray water into her face and ears

Bathing your pet is the best way to get him properly clean, but it still needs to be done with care so that your pet doesn’t get hurt during the process. One of the biggest mistakes made by owners is using the spray to project water into his face. However, you should never do this as the force of water into his eyes and ears can be painful. Furthermore, water can become trapped in his ear canal and cause problems including infections.

Don’t brush his coat after a bath

Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely not easier to brush wet fur than dry. In fact, your pet’s fur is more likely to be matted and knotted when they come out of the bath if their coat wasn’t brushed beforehand. By doing this part of his grooming process before he gets in the bath, you can remove loose hair and debris before it immediately pollutes the water.

Don’t use water that is too hot

Treat your pet like a baby when it comes to bath water and ensure that it is warm, but not too hot. Test it with your elbow before you place your pet inside. And, just like an infant, make sure you don’t leave him alone when in water.

Don’t shave your pet when it’s hot

When the mercury rises it is easy to think that your pet’s coat may be making him uncomfortable, particularly if he has thick or long hair, and many owners make the mistake of shaving their furbaby when it gets hot. However, many people fail to realize that some breeds with thick undercoats actually rely on these to trap air and keep them cool.

Don’t attempt clipping his nails if you aren’t confident

Many owners prefer to leave nail clipping to the professionals, and it is easy to see why. One slight move by your furbaby could leave him with a nasty, painful cut. If you aren’t 100% confident in clipping your pet’s claws, we suggest that you schedule an appointment with a local groomer for the job instead.

Don’t use human toothpaste

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the very best thing that you can do to prevent oral health problems including dental disease. However, you must never use a human toothpaste. This is because human versions contain ingredients that can be highly toxic to your pet. Instead, always opt for a pet-approved brand.

If you would like more advice on what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to pet grooming, our friendly and experienced veterinary team would be happy to offer their support. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and get in touch.